Quite frankly, businesses always need things done in a timely manner. But sometimes in order to get these jobs completed, lack of direction and resources have proven to be very fatal and costly. We have worked with various businesses ranging from large to small, and corporate to non-profit. Each business differ in rules, regulations, budgets, resources, etc. As a result, the business will be presented with a clear and meaningful blueprint outlining everything needed to achieve their end goal. After the consultation, the business should be able to understand their direction and save themselves from costly mistakes.

Interviewing Services

We also provide businesses interviewing services. A business might need to fill an IT position full time or temporary, but might need some help to pinpoint the traits and skill sets required to fill a particular IT position. Some of the positions we are qualified of assessing a candidate's skillset include:

  • Software and/or Web Development
  • Database Administration
  • Network Administration
  • Helpdesk Support
After the interview, we provide the business an assessment of the candidate and determine whether or not the candidate has the skillset necessary to fill the position in the company. All interviews are strictly technical.

Documentation Services

Lucrasoft, LLC also provides documentation services for the IT world. Whether it be statements of work, proposals, diagrams, help documents, job descriptions, and more, we can put our knowledge on paper. We consult with the business to determine what it is they need and work together accordingly, quickly and painlessly. All documentation services provided would be directly related to the IT industry. Any other forms of documentation, are services we do not provide.